Fairmount Strings

Fairmount Chamber Ensemble

In addition to strings, the Fairmount Chamber Ensemble includes winds, brass and percussion to provide full orchestral accompaniment for choral works, dance, theater and educational collaborations. For over thirty years, it has combined a reputation for the highest standard of musicianship with the spirit of positive collaboration to create memorable performances, alone and with conductors, choirs and musicians of all ages and abilities.

Committed to education at every level, in elementary school assemblies, high school workshops, a university master class or residency setting, each and every musician finds joy in sharing their wealth of expertise. It is this deep-seated passion that enables students of all ages to shine alongside the professionals.

The Fairmount Chamber Ensemble is also dedicated to our local and global communities, performing in local retirement communities and sharing their talents with numerous non-profit organizations.

Listen to a sample of our music

1 Requiem, Introit - Mozart
2 Requiem, Dies Irae - Mozart
3 Cantique de Jean Racine - Faure
4 Magnificat - J.S. Bach
5 Lord Nelson Mass Kyrie - Haydn

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What are your rates?

Please go to our rates page for pricing and deposit information.

Do you bring your own stands, chairs and lighting?

If stands and lighting are not provided at the venue, we can bring our own (given advance notice).  A grounded power supply (electrical outlet) must be available at the location and any required extension cord(s) must be supplied and positioned by either the venue or the client. The client must provide chairs.

What are your stage requirements?

We require a sturdy, level stage or dry, level ground. Dimensions vary with the size of the ensemble. Please contact us for specifics.

Are you insured?

Fairmount Strings carries a liability insurance policy. We can provide your venue with a certificate of insurance, if needed. If the venue must be listed as an additional insured on our policy, there is a $50 charge.

What is your dress code?

Ladies wear concert black and men wear either tuxedos or suit and tie, as the venue dictates.

What is your policy on playing outdoors?

Due to the delicate nature of our instruments, if an engagement is to be outdoors then the area we are in must be dry and well shaded, with temperatures between 65 and 85 F. Please be sure to take the proper precautions for outdoor services, as we will not subject our valuable instruments to conditions that will damage them.