Fairmount Strings

Memorial Services

Fairmount Strings is especially proud of the music that we share to memorialize loved ones. In times of loss, music can offer comfort, healing and bring back memories of someone dear. It speaks where words fail. Sometimes the music is of a serene or deeply spiritual nature and sometimes it expresses the joyful celebration of a beautiful life.

Fairmount Strings will listen to what you want to express and guide you to the music and ensemble that will communicate that message. In addition to providing instrumentalists, we can also provide solo vocalists or small vocal ensembles. 

Listen to a sample of our music

1 Pavane - Faure
2 Gymnopedie #1 - Satie
3 Concerto in d minor for two violins, Largo ma non tanto - J.S. Bach
4 Sheep May Safely Graze - J.S. Bach
5 In Remembrance - Ragan/Red
6 On Eagle’s Wings - Joncas

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What are your rates?

Please go to our rates page for pricing and deposit information.

Are you insured?

Fairmount Strings carries a liability insurance policy. We can provide your venue with a certificate of insurance, if needed. If the venue must be listed as an additional insured on our policy, there is a $50 charge.

What is your dress code?

Ladies wear concert black and men wear either tuxedos or suit and tie, as the occasion dictates.

What is your policy on playing outdoors?

Due to the delicate nature of our instruments, if an engagement is to be outdoors, the area we are in must be dry and well shaded, with temperature between 65 and 85 F. Please be sure to take the proper precautions for outdoor services, as we will not subject our valuable instruments to conditions that will damage them.

Do you take requests?

We are happy to accommodate your requests whenever possible. Often they become favorites of our current repertoireContact us so that we can work through acquiring or arranging your special song. Additional fees may apply.