Fairmount Strings

Private Events

Fairmount Strings provides the ideal atmosphere for events as diverse as corporate gatherings, holiday parties, anniversary celebrations, and memorial services. Whether you prefer to make all the musical choices or put the set list completely in our hands, our principal members will offer the right amount of guidance.

In addition to musical excellence, you can count on the professionalism of our musicians. Their experience means that they are sensitive and responsive to the mood of the crowd, so that every piece of music is perfectly suited to the moment.

The range of our musicians provides you with the customization and flexibility that you expect. A string quartet — two violins, one viola, and cello — offers a large and versatile repertoire. The rich sound and diversity of selection makes this group our most popular choice. For a more intimate setting, a string trio can be the perfect fit for events that call for classical music. A duo, such as flute and harp or violin and guitar provide another layer of flexibility in a space that is equipped for amplification. On the other end of the spectrum, a full orchestra provides a lush sound that is not easily forgotten. Whatever your needs, our ultimate goal is to ensure that your event is flawless.

Listen to a sample of our music

1 String Quartet K. 465, Allegro molto - Mozart
2 Salut d’Amour - Elgar
3 Apple Blossoms - Venuti
4 Clocks - Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Martin

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What are your rates?

Please go to our rates page for up-to-date pricing and deposit information.

Are you insured?

Fairmount Strings carries a liability insurance policy. We can provide your venue with a certificate of insurance, if needed. If the venue must be listed as an additional insured on our policy, there is a $50 charge.

What is your dress code?

Ladies wear concert black and men wear either tuxedos or dark suit and long tie, as the occasion dictates.

What is your policy on playing outdoors?

Due to the delicate nature of our instruments, if an engagement is to be outdoors, the area we are in must be dry and well shaded, with temperature between 65 and 85 F. Please be sure to take the proper precautions for outdoor services, as we will not subject our valuable instruments to conditions that will damage them.

Do the musicians take breaks?

One hour engagement -- no break
Two hour engagement -- One 15 minute break
Three hour engagement -- Two 15 minute breaks
Four hour engagement -- Three 20 minute breaks

Do you take requests?

We are happy to accommodate your requests! Often they become favorites of our current repertoireContact us so that we can work through acquiring or arranging your special song. In some cases, additional fees may apply.